Roling Family

This site mainly focuses on the families that came to eastern Iowa and the surrounding area. The Roling family came from the former Kreis Lingen (county lingen) from former the Kingdom of Hannover in modern day Germany, though they hardly came alone to the New World, one finds many of the their neighbors from Lingen also living as their neighbors in Iowa.

If you have any additional information, I am interested in everything, not just direct lines. Due the size of these families over the generations, it is rather easy to connect most people living in Jackson County, Iowa to at least one person (through marriage) in this datebase. Perhaps in time, this database will help to provide a detailed overview the pioneer days.

A History of Benedict (Ben) Roling PDF 441 KB

A History of Laurentia Roling PDF 1.52 MB

Roling Family Tree (Privatized Version) html -- I will send you the gen or FTW file for family tree programs upon request. (Not updated, playing with other programs to present as html or php)

Descendant Reports (Updated 21 March 2007)

Michael Banowetz PDF 176 pages/ 746 KB

Johann Burken PDF 118 pages/ 555 KB

Wilhelm Franzen PDF 206 pages/ 891 KB

Micheal Reuter PDF 103 pages/ 457 KB

Johann Otto Homeyer (Roling Family) PDF 66 pages/ 259 KB

Harman Soppe PDF 104 pages/ 300 KB

Theodore Otto Sieverding PDF 82 pages/ 289 KB

Others available upon request.

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I have compiled this family information from many sources, I tried my best to always include the sources, but due to the massive size of this project, I wasn't always able to document everything as I would have liked. This information is still in draft stage--there are many typos, mismatched families, wrong dates ect. Please double check and send me any corrections.